Advancing executive excellence, solving tough problems, making a better tomorrow…

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A vital aspect of Mark’s work as a strategic adviser to corporate leaders is his understanding of organizational design and effectiveness. His view of the role of strategist and organizational designer is that they facilitate the development of effective organization designs intended to accelerate competitiveness and sustainability while meeting the requirements of their key stakeholder groups such as employees, investors, and regulatory bodies. Mark primarily works within the following three interconnected realms:

The Vision (value)

This represents the “unique value” (thus difficult with which to compete) the organization provides so that their customers gain greater present and future advantage. Therefore, the following questions are to be answered: What do we do? For whom? Why? In support of creating unique value for our customers, what principles guide the quality of our work and the manner in which we work together?

The Approach (strategy)

This relates directly to the distinctive strategies and core capabilities that the organization will emphasize in order to support their vision and achieve a competitive advantage. What is the distinctive manner in which the organization chooses to fulfill their customer’s needs? How will the needs of other key stakeholders who rely upon, or are critical to, the success of the organization be met?

The Base (structure)

This is defined as the designed alignment of structures, technology, practices, people strategies, leadership, culture, and the measurement and control philosophies of an enterprise. Each of these aligned elements is necessary to create the environment that will support the success of the organization.

Strategy + Change Programs designed for:

  • Pre-Merger Risk Analysis

  • Post-Merger Integration

  • Strategic Change

  • Culture Change

  • Operational Excellence

  • Functional Excellence