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Strategy + Change

“I value in particular Mark’s extensive, global experience and his ability to place situations/issues/challenges into a much larger overall context (Mark’s ability to take a “helicopter view”).”

“I have benefited from Mark’s ability to analyze quickly a very complex situation and then develop and verbalize a number of very simple and clear recommendations/action steps.”

“Mark has worked with my leadership teams in three different business units in the US and the UK. His particular contribution has been in helping the team to create clarity of vision and alignment so as to strengthen its own impact. In all three cases the businesses required significant performance turnarounds and there was therefore a strong element of strategic change leadership required. In all three cases Marks contribution was invaluable.”

“His work with my teams has been excellent. In one example I was faced with pulling together a brand new team to lead a newly reconfigured business that required fundamental improvements in operational performance to survive. With Mark’s help the team developed a set of goals and delivery strategies that even I was amazed by. In the subsequent 12 months we moved the business from the worst safety performance in the Group to top quartile, reduced operating costs by some 25% and set the business on course for sustained operational improvement.”

“Mr. Sobol’s particular strength lies in his holistic approach, incorporating human development with leadership and organizational theory to create a deep and rich perspective on how to lead organizations.”

“He possesses real world business operations experience which allows him to work with teams to convert concepts to practical action. He leverages this combination to help leaders and their teams develop realistic vision and pragmatic strategies for delivery. He is also particularly adept at helping leaders to drive for engagement deeper in the organization to enable implementation.”

On Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

“Mark and I have focused on getting “unstuck” at transitioning from a mid level to a senior level management position. Getting unstuck has meant focusing on new tools and methods for working in highly ambiguous goal/process/role situations, dealing with power plays without letting emotion take over, and gaining perspective on stakeholder negotiations. The result of this is a greatly increased ability to work thru highly political situations to find solutions with a lot less wear and tear on all involved.”

“Mark has excellent listening skills and a keen insight which result in probing questions about personal change that are not threatening but are right to the point. He retains an honest separation allowing him to stay objective but you never doubt that he is pulling for you to win your way through to a solution that works for you. His knowledge of strategic planning was also useful as the context of the senior management work was in the negotiation of the implementation of strategic plans.”

“Mark coaches me in my personal leadership and executive development, and particularly in strategic change leadership. Our first work together encompassed these areas, and I continue to look to Mark as the most complete and insightful resource available to me in this arena.”

“In the five years I have been working with Mark my personal career growth has been rapid, involving a series of increasingly bigger business leadership posts. His coaching and support have been exemplary, helping to consolidate learning at each stage and to prepare for the next challenge.”

“The centerpiece of Mark’s philosophy is to help his executive clients to see their own potential and to expand their suite of leadership and management skills. Mark took the time necessary to understand my background, work history, and current work situation. He didn’t provide me with lectures or simple fad formulas, nor did he apply some kind of standard approach. He engaged in a thorough inquiry to understand me, and then worked with me so that I could understand my strengths and uncover my blind spots. We devised strategies to discover and exploit for former, and uncover and eliminate the latter.”

“During our work together, we have focused on several key opportunities for improvement in both management and leadership. Mark has helped me to improve my skills and perspective in working with my staff, in strategic planning, in working with senior leadership and my peers, in transformative leadership, and in continuous learning.”

“Basing his work on principles of adult learning, his inquiry has been thorough and effective, and has helped me to expand my thought processes beyond that which I thought possible. Mark’s follow-up is relentless. Left to my devices, many of our conclusions and work plans would have been frittered away. But Mark has helped me to establish more of a professional discipline to address problems head-on and know that I have the necessary resources to draw upon.”

“We’ve been through a lot together over the past 4 years, and I’ve grown tremendously as a person and an executive under his mentorship. To a large extent, Mark both revived my career and helped me to see a whole different world of possibilities, including the power of collaboration and action learning. In addition, through working with Mark I’ve begun to see a whole world of additional possibilities in the development of organizations and human systems.”